Funny Games to Play With Friends


It's always fun to get together with friends and enjoy one another's company. You can take turns with friends hosting game night, which will provide the opportunity to get together and have some fun. Playing funny games with a group of friends is a cheap, amusing way to entertain yourselves.


  • Twister is a fun game to play with friends, but only play with people you don't mind being in compromising positions with. In this game, you have a large plastic sheet with different colored dots that lays on the floor. One person holds a spinner that has hands and feet with the different colors. For example if the spinner comes up "right hand blue" every player puts his or her right hand on blue. This continues and after several rounds you will find yourselves tied in knots and not able to move. The first person who falls loses the game.

Truth or Dare

  • Truth or Dare can be a very funny, but very revealing, game when played with a group of friends. In this game, players take turns asking each other to pick a truth or a dare. When a person chooses truth, he or she is asked a question. For example the person could be asked to tell the meanest thing he or she has ever done. If the person chooses dare he or she must do whatever dare the question asker decides, such as prank call a friend or drink toilet water.

Song Title Game

  • This is an amusing game that can be played with many people. Starting with two people, they begin speaking to one another in song titles. The first person says the song, for example "True Blue" then the next person must say a title with one of the words from the first person's title, like "Baby's Got Blue Eyes." The first person who cannot name a song in response to the conversation is out and it moves on to the next person. The game continues until there is just one player left.


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