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Buttons are versatile crafting items. Once you start to look closely at buttons you can't help but to begin to imagine all of the possibilities for crafting and creating with buttons. Whether you want to embellish clothing or personal accessories or add interest to home décor, buttons will liven up many different items.

Button Tote

  • Add assorted buttons to a plain tote bag to create a whimsical and eye-catching tote bag.

    Decide on the color scheme for the bag. Select buttons that are all in the same color family or use multicolored buttons. You might use buttons in two or three different colors or use all different shades. Consider the color of the tote bag as well because it will be visible underneath the buttons.

    Fold the tote bag so the front side is facing up. Arrange the buttons onto the front of the tote bag in whatever design you desire. Create rows of buttons or geometric patterns. Group the buttons together by color or place them haphazardly all over the tote bag. As you settle on the button arrangement, place a dot of crafting glue under each button to secure it to the bag temporarily. After all of the buttons have been temporarily glued, sew them on permanently with needle and thread.

Button Napkins

  • Add novelty buttons to folded napkins for a creative look on the table.

    Fold cloth napkins into square s. Find novelty buttons that fit the theme you desire. Suggested novelty buttons include fruit shapes, tea pots, cakes and cookies, flowers, gems, hearts and animals. Coordinate the buttons with the fabric of the napkins.

    Sew a button to the corner of the folded napkin that has four open layers of napkin. Sew the button through all four layers and knot underneath the folded napkin.

    These napkins are more for display and not practical use because they cannot be unfolded after sewing the novelty buttons on.


  • Use buttons of all different kinds to create jewelry.

    Make a pin out of simple shirt buttons and a few novelty buttons. Cut a thin piece of crafting wood into any shape desired. Sand the edges and paint the wood if desired. Use hot glue to add a layer of shirt buttons to the wood shape. Glue several pretty novelty buttons on top of the shirt buttons. Glue a piece of lace to the back side of the wood so it peeks out the edge, and attach a pin fastener to the back of the lace to finish the pin.

    Make simple earrings by threading thin crafting wire through two or three buttons. Twist the crafting wire together and thread the twisted ends through an earring wire. Twist the craft wire again to secure and clip off excess wire. Repeat to make a second earring.

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