How to Speak With a British Accent


Interested in having a convincing British dialect? Learn how to speak with a British accent in this free entertainment video series.

Series Summary

It is great fun to be able to sound like a British gangster, James Bond, or a character out of Jane Austen or Charles Dickens. Actors are often required to do British accents when playing roles on the stage, screen or television. Knowing how to speak in a British dialect is an important tool for an actor, comedian, performer or entertainer. Even class clowns and office jokesters will find that a British accent can add to their fun. In this free entertainment video series, a professional communications instructor gives helpful hints on how to speak with a British accent. Discover important aspects of learning accents such as paying attention to pronunciation, pitch characteristics, stress patterns and placement. Get tips on the distinctive British pronunciations of the long and short O, the AW sound, long E, ARY combinations, short A, the EU glide, the R drop and the pure TT. Also, get a list of unique words that should be memorized.

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