How to Make Candles


Learn how to make your own candles in these free instructional video clips, including information on supplies needed, beginner tips and tricks, candle making kits, safety tips and more.

Series Summary

Some of the first candles ever used were made to light up temples in ancient Egypt, China, Japan, and India. The making of candles was industrialized in 1834 when Joseph Morgan invented a machine that manufactured 1500 candles per hour. Today, it is easy to make candles at home, and many enjoy candle-making as a hobby. Candles are a great light source utilizing an internal wick that is surrounded by a column of wax. Paraffin wax is the most commonly used type of wax, though soy and vegetable-based wax candles are becoming more and more popular.

Learn more about the history of candle making in this series of expert videos. Get tips on candle making at home. Learn all about the needed materials for making your own candles. See our expert give tips on waxes, wicks and scents for your candles. Our expert walks you through a complete candle recipe. You will see our expert use molds that are used to press the perfect candles. You will become an expert candle maker after watching these instructional videos.

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