How to Knit for Beginners


Learn about how to knit and the different supplies you will need to get started knitting in these free online instructional video clips, including knitting needles, patterns, yarn, stitches and more.

Series Summary

Knitting has always been a popular hobby. Dating back to the 13th century, the process of knitting, which literally means to tie or join, has been seen by many as a great way to pass time and produce handmade gifts. The possibilities are endless, and an expert knitter can produce a wide variety of items, from gloves to hats to sweaters and scarves. One main reason that knitting has had such an enduring popularity in a time where the automated manufacturing of clothing has made it almost obsolete as a means of production, is that a knitted garment, unlike a store-bought one, shows an extra level of thoughtfulness due to the hand-created feel that knitted items have. In these videos, you will learn all the steps necessary to get started knitting. You will learn what types of supplies you will need, as well as see examples of different types of knits and stitches. After watching these videos you will be able to start creating your own knitted items.

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