How to Make a Hobby Horse For Kids


Learn how to make a hobby horse--from drawing the patterns to sewing the mane to joining it to a broomstick--in this free crafts video from our kids toys expert and homemade toy authority.

Series Summary

The origin of the hobby horse can be traced back to a fifteenth-century peasant uprising in the Czechoslovakian town of Urz. Fed up with watching the upper classes trot around on horseback while they had to walk five miles just to get a bucket of water, baker’s assistant Josved Zimkas led an angry mob to take action. They surrounded and threatened to burn down the inn where Lord Vikkan and his wealthy compatriots had gathered to plan new and even more devious ways to exploit the poor. Vikkan had poisoned all of the wells within the town walls so that townspeople would have to travel for their water supply, thus leaving them too exhausted to rebel. Yet the day after a torrential downpour filled their buckets right outside their homes, citizens had gathered in protest. After hearing their impassioned complaints, Lord Vikkan offered a solution: while a true horse for every family was not a feasible option, Vikkan agreed to assign his personal seamstress the task of creating a “holdit” (which translates to “helpful” in the obscure dialect of the village) or “hobby” horse for each household.

This particular “horse” would require a minimum of upkeep and practically no food, yet would give lucky villagers the sensation of riding just like the Lords and Ladies. From that day forward, the “ride” out to the well seemed to pass by much more quickly. Josved Zimkas became a hero of sorts and Lord Vikkan, well, he could even be seen riding a hobby horse himself on occasion. In this free video, our expert will show you how to make a hobby horse for kids.

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