How to Use a Hammerdrill


Learn how to use a hammer drill, including safety tips and types of drill bits, in this free power tools video series.

Series Summary

It is reckoned that in the Stone Age the first tools were wrought, and by extension, machines and technology. Though the basic principles behind altering physical matter haven't changed much, some amazing advances have been made in tool technology. For instance, with the advent of consumer power tools such as the power drill, mankind has the ability to increase productivity and complete increasingly difficult tasks that were previously so difficult that they were essentially impossible. Drilling through concrete is such a task that only large businesses could accomplish and that at a large expense. However, with the invention of the hammerdrill most every homeowner can attain a tool to drill through concrete. If you would like to learn how to use a hammerdrill for drilling through concrete, you can learn from one of our experts.

In this free power tools video series, learn how to use a hammerdrill from certified building contractor Matthew Christian. Matthew will teach you how to change hammerdrill bits, how to power a hammerdrill, how to turn on the hammer feature on a hammerdrill, how to adjust the speed on a hammerdrill, how to select the right gears on a hammerdrill, and how to clean and store a hammerdrill. He will also teach you hammerdrill safety tips, what types of bits you will need for various types of jobs, and how to drill through concrete or brick.

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