Repairing Wood Veneer Furniture


Repairs on wood veneer furniture. Learn how to fix damaged or broken veneer furniture in this free woodworking video.

Series Summary

Furniture serves many important, essential functions for people the world over. In the last few thousand years, chairs, beds, desks, and tables have provided places to sit, eat, talk, work, gather, or sleep. Many people will spend more than a third of their lives in, at, or on furniture. It comes as no surprise, then, that humans have a unique relationship with this group of items they spend so much time around. In some ways, furniture has become a reflection of personality. When choosing furniture for their homes or offices, people are known to concentrate on design, giving it equal or greater weight than function and stability. Many people pass furniture items down from one generation to the next, keeping the item as a family heirloom.

One type of wood furniture is wood veneer, a thin type of wood that is usually glued onto core panels. Just like all wood furniture, veneer furniture is liable to get damaged, and rather than throwing it out or paying someone to fix it, it's best to know how to repair veneer furniture yourself! In this free video series, a furniture manufacturer will teach you everything you need to know about wood veneer repair, from cutting veneer, gluing, and clamping veneer furniture, to measuring cuts, drying glue, and salvaging excess veneer for future projects. With these tips and techniques, your veneer furniture will last a long time!

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