How to Inspect and Replace Car Brake Rotors


Learn how to inspect and replace car brake rotors - free video series.

Series Summary

Your car is a complex machine made up of simple machines that have many different parts and processes that must be checked for breakage, leaks, and wear. One such part is the brake rotor. Properly working brakes are obviously essential to your driving safety and they should be checked periodically and especially if you notice problems with them. Problems with the brake rotors can be caused by wear due to prolonged use, and also long periods where the car is not driven. Would you like to know how to diagnose brake problems and learn how to replace the brake rotors on your car? Then learn for free online from one of our experts.

In this free video series learn how to inspect and replace your car brake rotors from, professional mechanic Nathan McCullough. Learn auto repair steps to replace your brake rotors such as jacking the vehicle, removing the tire and placing the jack stand; how to inspect the brake hose, brake calipers, and rotors; machining versus replacing brake rotors; how to clean the wheel hub; how to install the brake pads, caliper; and how to install the brake rotor.

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