Polka Dance Steps


Want to learn how to polka dance? Get expert polka dancing lessons with expert tips on dance steps in this free polka dance video series.

Series Summary

Polka dancing originated in the 1800's in Bohemia and is still common throughout Europe and the Americas. Polka refers to the dance itself, as well as the music which is fast and lively. There are several styles of polka dancing but most incorporate short half steps and bounces. This fun dance is usually accompanied by polka music featuring accordions, bass, drums and trumpets.

Are you interested in learning how to polka dance? In this free video series our expert will teach you how to do a variety of basic polka dancing steps. You will learn how to do a first step, bounce step and open steps. You will also learn about the closed position and promenade position, as well as the push and return dance steps. Polka dancing can move fast so you will get several demonstrations of polka dancing steps in real time and with step by step instructions. If you ever wanted to learn to dance the polka our expert is here to teach you everything you needed to know.

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