Garage Door Opener Repair Instructions

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If your garage door opener develops issues this doesn't mean you have to buy a whole new unit right away. Get garage door opener repair instructions with help from a garage door specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jake with Specialized Garage Doors here in Salt Lake. And we're going to give you some instructions on how to repair a garage door opener. So to repair your garage door opener, the first step you're going to want to do is unplug your unit. Then the next step go ahead and take your, get your cover off, so you can have access to all the parts inside. Once you've got your cover off, the next step you're going to want to do is take a half inch open end wrench and loosen up your chain. Then go ahead and loosen that thing up until this nut on the outside is all the way at the very end of the threads. The reason why we do that is so you can get the sprocket off the top, get the chain off the sprocket on the top. So go ahead and take the chain off that sprocket. Next step is go ahead and take your limit nut here, take the keeper out of it, pop that off. Then go ahead and remove your three screws that hold the assembly here in the top of the unit. You have one screw there, and the other two on the back side. Just undo those. And this last one's a little bit tricky. You need a little ratcheting 5/16ths. It doesn't necessarily have to be ratcheting but it makes it a little bit easier. So once you loosen that up you can usually finish it off by hand, getting that out of there. Now that you've got all three of those screws out, the assembly just comes right out up off the top of the unit. Before you take the new part up there to get it installed back in the machine you want to take, on this hole right here and pre-thread that in there. There's no threads cut into this part. So just run it back and forth a couple times to get some threads in there, make the installation much smoother. Now that you've got the part pre-threaded and ready to go back in we'll just go ahead and show you how to re-install it back into the machine. Before you take it and install it in there, go ahead and put a generous amount of grease on this gear. Get the lube down in every tooth on that gear. So go ahead and put your sprocket back in the top of the machine and drop it down in there. Line up your holes on the top to match the pattern of where it was. I like to start with the holes here in the back. Just get it started, don't snug it up real tight yet, so you can fit the rest of them in there. I like to do the one in the back here next. Now that you've got two in there you can tighten them down. And then on the last one you just get it started by hand. Since you pre-threaded this already it should get started fairly easy. Tighten that back up with yours 5.16ths wrench. Then go ahead and put your chain back on the top of the sprocket there. Now that you've got your chain back on and partially tight, go ahead and, what you're shooting for on that, is you want the chain to hang down just above that bottom of that rail. The reason why you don't do it guitar string tight is you'll just wear things out prematurely. So that's how you set that. Then finish up by resetting your limits for the up and down travel, pop the cover back on. And then you're good to go. Again, I'm Jake with specialized garage doors and we've just covered how to repair a garage door opener.


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