How to Draw a Samurai Warrior

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A samurai warrior has a particular stance and expression. Draw a samurai warrior with this free video tutorial presented by a professional artist.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dori Decamillis from Red Dot Gallery. We're going to learn how to draw a Samurai Warrior. Alright, I'm going to start out with guidelines that just show the basic gestures of the body. So, this is going to be his torso coming forward, his one arm is going to be coming up in the air to hold a sword. His head is going to be leaning forward slightly to get momentum. Most of the time, these guidelines are about trying to find the weight of the figure. This will be his hand. He's going to be holding a sword here. His armor, I'm going to make him a little lighter, some of his armor is going to be coming forward because this leg is going to come lunging out front and this one is going to come slightly forward and back. So, I'll start with a simple helmet. This is going to be a very rudimentary beginning of a Samurai, mainly just his positioning and some semblance of armor. The sleeve is going to come up here. He's going to have a breastplate coming in front and coming around the back. We'll give him a belt here, kind of a sash type of belt that is holding another sword. We'll give him some arm plates here. Now, this arm is going to be forshen. It is going back to here to hold onto the sword. This arm comes up above his head. We'll give it some armor. They had armor all over the place. That hand is holding on to the top of the sword. We're going to give this armor a little more substance. We're not going to get too detailed with the helmet. Now he had armored, almost like a skirt but armored wings that came down and protected his torso and hips. You can give that all the decoration you want but for today we're going to leave it pretty simple. This leg came up and has armor that comes out in front of the knee. It almost looks like hockey padding and this armor is coming out forward because this knee is lunging out front. That is the bottom of the boot. A lot of times Samurais wore fur shoes or even just sandals. That's the front of the boot coming out there and armor, armor, armor, a lot of the armor looked like it was in layers like stripes and I'm just going to give it a little more outline around the outside and there you have a quick drawing of a Samurai Warrior.


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