How to Draw Evil Eyes

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Drawing spooky eyes means capturing the essence of a spooky expression. Create spooky eyes with this free video tutorial presented by a professional artist.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dori DeCamillis from Red Dot Gallery. We're going to learn how to draw evil eyes. Okay, I started with one line across here to keep my eyes even. I'm going to start with the top part of the eyes. The important part of making evil eyes is the eyebrows and the lids pointing down, coming up on the sides, and pointing in the center. This is the lid, having the lid come down slightly over the iris. Here's the pupil. Leave a bright for reflection, or highlight. And, be sure and make the outside of the eye, and the pupil, dark. Because, if they contrast with the iris being lighter, that just looks a little spookier. So, you can even make them lighter that this, you can make them almost white. Now, I'm going to give a heavy, dark lash here. It doesn't necessarily have to be pointy eyelashes. And, I'm going to give some shadows up above the lid to show where that lid is. Even having the marks kind of poke up like this will look a little bit, little bit scarier. I'm going to draw the bottom of the eye kind of lower than a natural human eye, like this person's really stressed out and weird. You don't want it too close to the inside, or it'll look cross-eyed. I'm going to erase my line. And, that's how you draw evil eyes.


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