How to Draw a Cocktail Glass

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The elegant lines of a cocktail glass are a great study in line drawing. Improve your still life skills with this free video tutorial presented by a professional artist.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dori DeCamillis. Today, we're going to learn how to draw a cocktail glass. Alright, first I'm going to draw an ellipse up at the top here. I've already started with a light line coming straight down, so I keep my glass straight. And, I have two points here that are equidistant. I found those with a straightedge. Equidistant from the center. I drew a point, to which I'm going to come now, little, not quite halfway down my line. My stem is going to come equidistant from either side of my line that I've drawn. And, it's going to flare out to the base, which I've already drawn a couple of points, so that they are even, even from the side. I'm going to make this a little flatter here. So, there's the basic outline of a martini glass, basically. Reflections on the glass can be somewhat random. Don't want to be shy about making them too light. There are always going to be dark parts of reflections, and that's what makes it look more realistic. You never know what they're reflecting. Well, sometimes you do. I like this little part right here, thickest part of the glass. We're going to make that a little darker, and give a little reflection right here. Okay, for the level of the liquid, we'll call it vodka, we're going to put right here. And, let's put a little olive, give it some reflected light. And, as it goes underneath the surface of the water, we're going to make it a little lighter, and a little off-center, because that's what water does to objects. We'll have the toothpick coming out and coming down. We're not going to have it line up either, make it a little more interesting. And, this is how we draw a cocktail glass.


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