How to Draw Jelly Beans

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Jelly beans in groups need to be randomly, not regularly spaced. Create delicious drawings with this free video tutorial presented by a professional artist.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dori DeCamillis from Red Dot Gallery. Today, we're going to learn how to draw jelly beans. Okay, for jelly beans I'm going to make a few of them. If you're going to do them in groups, you want them to be somewhat random. You don't want them to be regularly spaced about the place. So, I'll have some close together, some far apart, some all by themselves. As I color them or excuse me, fill them in, I'm going to leave a white space for a reflection so that I can show that there are different colors of jelly beans I'll have some that are sort of medium shadowed, some that are dark and that will give a sense of variety. Your little reflections don't necessarily have to be all on the same side of the jelly bean but if they are reflecting, say the light is coming over from the right, if they are reflecting, odds are they're going to be slightly more to the right of the jelly bean. I'm just going to keep filling them in here, dark ones and light ones, leaving my reflection. The shape of jelly beans are sort of like a bean but some of them really look just more like an egg almost. Right now they still look a little flat so I'm going to give them a shadow over on the left side that gives them a little more volume. You want the light ones to not have as dark a shadow as the dark ones. Notice that I'm not bringing my shadow all the way, I'm going to make that smaller, that light, I'm not making my shadow all the way over to that left edge. I'm having it three quarters of the way across the object. That is because that left side of surface is going to have a little, is going to reflect back up onto the left side of the jelly bean and give it a little reflected light. What that means is when I come in here and do my cast shadows, look at how it's a little lighter along that edge so it looks a little more three dimensional. Rather than having that dark shadow on the jelly bean come all the way to the edge. These two guys are going to have a double shadow here because they're together. I want my cast shadow, in this case I'm going to have my cast shadow be kind of dark to give it some drama. Note me leaving that little bit of light space there for the reflected light. It also makes the object not blend in too much with the shadow. I can tighten these up and make them a little smoother if I want to and that is how you draw jelly beans.


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