Drawing Buildings in One-Point Perspective

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One-point perspective centers on a vanishing point. Learn to draw buildings in one-point perspective with this free video tutorial presented by a professional artist.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dori Decamillis from Red Dot Gallery, today, we're going to learn how to draw buildings in one point perspective. Having a straight edge is a good idea, I'm going to start with my horizon line, and a vanishing point, right in center. From my vanishing points, I'm going to draw lines of recession, that are coming straight down on both sides. And this is going to be sort of, my road. I'm going to have buildings coming on the side of the road. I want the lines of my buildings to come vertical, they need to be parallel to the side of the page, that's my reference point. And the buildings are going to get smaller, fairly quickly, as they go back. And I can draw them wide or tall, mostly we're dealing with the wide part, right here. But as they get closer to the vanishing point, they need to get smaller, I'm just going to do a few of them. And you want a little more parallel than that. I can do a few on this side, as well. Again, try to keep them parallel to the side of the page. Then I can, to do the tops of the buildings, I can, I need to also come from my vanishing point. So,the top of each building, let's say, that's my, my first building. The top of each building, let's say, I'm doing a tall building, here. Always has to come from that vanishing point. We'll make a shorter building, right here. We'll make a really short building, right here. So, from there, the buildings in the front, I made that one too skinny. The buildings in the front, need to be dealt with first. So, the tops of the, top, the sides of the buildings are going to come out at horizontal line, and come down, horizontal, and come down. So, you have a series of large rectangles. You can erase your vanishing, I'm sorry, your horizon, fill in your buildings a little more. And from there, if you wanted to, following the same rules, you could do doors and windows. Always horizontal, I'm sorry, parallel to this vertical line, and coming down from the vanishing point. They're always going to have that as a reference. So, if this line comes here and this comes here, that's how that window goes. If the window's up here, vertical and according to the vanishing point. And then, you can fill in more doors and windows, after that, till you have a whole village. And this is how you draw buildings from a one point perspective. So, this is how it starts, and if you keep going and drawing more windows and doors. You can see windows coming out from that vanishing point, little doors. And you can get into awnings and architectural details, balconies, even bricks. Every little brick comes from that one point perspective, here. And then, the sides, if you have brick on the sides, or anything on the sides, they're coming down horizontal. And this is how you draw buildings in one point perspective.


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