How to Draw Demons and Angels

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Learn how to draw the monstrous yet humanoid forms of demons as well as the robes, wings, and halos of angels. A professional artist offers step-by-step instruction in this free video of drawing lessons.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michael Weisner. I'm an animator, illustrator, and graphic designer. And today, I'm going to show you how to draw angels and demons. Let's get started. Alright, guys, to being with drawing our demons and angels, we're going to first start roughing out a demon. So, start off with, demons are going to look demonic, almost humanoid, but monstrous as well. So, I'm going to rough out basic structure real quick. Drawing out a basic human torso, and a head. Then, I'm going to add some arms, the bottom, and then I'm going to start drawing out his legs. As for his lower legs, I'm going to sort of give him goat leg. So, we're going to add a little tail right here. Now we got that roughed out, we can start adding more detail. Like, for example, we're going to give him some horns, angry face. Draw his fingers. We're going to add some more horns to him, onto his shoulders, like so. Now, we've got his upper torso set up, start drawing out his lower. We want to remember that demons sort of have a part humanoid, and then lower part of an animal, so. That's our demon. So, now we got to draw an angel. So, to begin with, angels are going to be humanoid, but they're going to have angelic behind them. So, we're going to draw some right here, and I'll throw in a robe. Going to draw their legs, like so. And, I'm going to rough out some wings, and add a halo. Now we've got that, we should start drawing them out. There you have it. And, that's how you draw angels and demons. Hope you enjoyed. I'll see you next time.


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