How to Draw a Diamond Engagement Ring

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To draw a realistic diamond engagement ring you must capture the many random reflections of light off of the surfaces, using grays, blacks and hard edges. Learn from a professional artist in this free video of drawing lessons.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dori Decamillis from Red Dot Gallery. Today, we're going to learn how to draw a diamond engagement ring. All right, I'm going to draw the ring sort of looking from up above and from the side. And because I'm doing this quickly, it may not be completely symmetrical. But you get the basics of how to approach it. This is going to be the side of it, and this is going to be the part that touches your finger. This is going to come around. This part is also going to be the front. So, when I said the side before, I meant the front. So, what really defines a shiny ring is reflections. Before I get into reflections I'm going to start on the points that hold the ring on to its to hold the diamond onto the ring, excuse me. This is the top, and here the diamond is coming down. Now reflections, you want to do dark and gray and light and when you're drawing them, they look like abstract hard to understand things. But when you stand back, they end up making sense. So, whatever you see when you're looking at your diamond, and draw it exactly like you see it. That's the case with anything. So, I'm going to keep drawing reflections somewhat randomly. You can give them sort of a hard edge like that, or you can leave them a little loose like that. Both are how reflections work depending on what they're actually reflecting. And every little reflection that you see in here is reflecting some object in the room around you. Which is interesting. Sometimes you can pick out what it is, especially if you see a little piece of color, little piece of yellow or something that's maybe reflecting some object across the room that's yellow. So you get the idea on the reflections. I could get some more. You don't want to do too many or it can look really complicated and take away from the sleekness of the ring. I would probably get a few more than I have here if I were doing it if I had more time. I'm going to put a few more reflections on my points here. Don't make them all black and white. Have some that are a little somewhere in between. Now the reflections on the actual diamond are very complicated and I'm going to give you a sense of it here. But really you're drawing a series of mostly triangle in darks and lights. And if you are looking at a real gem, you'll be able to pick out the way that they reflect a little better but for here, I'm just giving you a sense of how you get started. And they are complicated. With a little time spent on it you can get something more real. And then I'm going to outline my points and the diamond. Got to connect it here, huh. And that is generally how you draw a diamond engagement ring.


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