How to Draw a Food Pyramid

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To draw a food pyramid, start with a triangle and then break it into the basic food group areas, adding specific images to represent each type of food. Create a fun and educational food pyramid with the aid of this free video of drawing lessons.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dori Decamillis from Red Dot Gallery. Today, we're going to learn how to draw a food pyramid. Okay, I drew out a basic triangle and made it into a pyramid by drawing its side. I've broken it up into the basic shapes of the food groups which we'll go into in a minute. I'm going to give it a little pizazz by separating the bricks if I outline, again, the little edges after I do them. Okay so the bottom of the pyramid is your bread group so I'm going to draw a little loaf of bread here. I'm going to keep it simple. You can draw more foods that are in this food group but I'm going to keep it real simple and since I am keeping it simple I'll do a little more detail on this food. This will be my loaf of bread. Its light will be coming from the right hand side so I have it sitting with a little shadow on the left. This is the fruit group, draw a little apple and we will shade it on the left hand side as well with a little shadow. We'll do a carrot. I'm picking foods that are pretty easy to represent simply. If I did an orange it would just look like a sphere and you would not be sure which fruit it was, apples and carrots are pretty distinguished. We'll give a little shadow on that. For the meat I'll do a steak. It's going to have a little fat marbling around it, a little bit of shadow on this side. The next food group will be the dairy food group. That's a glass of milk, a little shadowing on that side and the last group is the things you should not eat very much of which is fats and oils. So, I'll draw a little stick of butter with an extra butter pat, and we'll give a little bit of a shadow there. So, that's how you draw, and you can label it with words if you want to when you're done. This is how you draw a food pyramid.


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