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Acoustic guitar strings come in extra-light, light or medium varieties, and the right professional advice will help you select the weight of string that makes the most sense fo your proficiency level. Get that advice here in this free video of acoustic guitar lessons.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chay Alexander Wright, guitarist in Los Angeles, California, currently playing with Corbin Bleu. Today, we're going to talk about some advice, or I want to give some advice on acoustic guitar strings. I like to, well, there are several weights of strings that come for acoustic guitars. You have light, medium, and sometimes you'll find extra light as well, but the weight of the strings that you prefer, or that you want, really depends on your ability and comfort. So maybe you're just starting out, you might want a lighter string. You might want to start with extra lights or lights, and you know, get your fingers used to touching the strings on the fretboard, and moving up and down the fretboard. Just get your fingers on that left hand or the right hand if you're left handed, used to touching the strings on the fretboard and getting in the positions and all that, and then the more advanced you get, the more skilled you become, the more proficient you become, you can change the weight of the strings. You can go from extra lights to lights, or from lights to mediums, or from mediums to heavy, or what have you. I prefer this particular classical instrument here, I prefer the mediums because I like as round and as dark a sound as I can get, without it being too heavy. I still want it to sound like a classical guitar, but I want the weight because it is an acoustic instrument and I want it to carry. It want the notes to sound nice and full and round and carry. On the steel string acoustic instrument that I have here, I actually have lights, and I prefer the lights on my steel string acoustic guitars, because I like the light sound, the slinky sound as I call it, of the steel string acoustic, and I can rely on my electronics or amplification to put more weight on it in terms of bass and mids, and just rely on the strings themselves to be light enough to have that nice, clean, silky, glossy, glassy, whatever you want to call it, acoustic steel string, acoustic guitar sound. So, that's really my advice on acoustic guitar strings. It's all about number one, how proficient you are, your ability and, number two, your comfort, what is really comfortable on your fingers, on your fingers when you're touching the fretboard and getting around. I'm Chay Alexander Wright, and that's my advice for acoustic guitar strings.


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