How to Improve an Acoustic Guitar Tone

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To improve your acoustic guitar tone you may have to adjust your finger placement on the frets, tighten the coordination between picking hand and strumming hand, and keep your nails the right length. Learn from a professional in this free video of acoustic guitar lessons.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chay Alexander Wright, guitarist in Los Angeles, California. Today, we are going to talk about how to improve an acoustic guitar tone. Classical acoustic guitar tone. First, it really starts with your finger placement on the frets, where in the frets you are. You want to be as close to the fret as you can so that the sound, the tone is clean. And you see, if I get away from that, it gets a little rough. A little fuzzy. So, you want to be as close to that fret there as you can for a clean tone. And the other side to that is your strumming, or picking hand. You want to be coordinated, you want to be as coordinated as possible between your picking hand or strumming hand to your left hand. Your actual fingering hand. So, you just want to get some coordination together so that that's clean. Once you get comfortable with that same thing with chords, you want to be as close to those frets as you possibly can be if you are doing a barre chord. Easy, C, gets a little muffled, a little muted the further I move the fingering hand away from the fret. But, but that's pretty, pretty clean there. Also, the other thing you want to deal with is if you are finger picking on the classical guitar nails, nails always improve the tone of the instrument. I have, I have my nails, usually they are a little longer than this, but I trimmed them down not too long ago. But I have them still at a length just enough to get a nice..let's do an open first E string. Just to get a nice.. See it sounds like there's a pick, but it also sounds like I'm using my fingers. And you'll find that a lot of people that play finger picking style, they don't have nails and they use their fingers, it's a duller sound. I'm going to see if I can emulate that. So, that's more of the sound without the nail. But when I have the nail involved. So, it's round and there's a tack. I'm Chay Alexander Wright, and that's how to improve an acoustic guitar tone.


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