How Do I Get My Guitar Strings to Stop Buzzing?

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Stopping the buzzing sound that is emitting from your guitar strings can be accomplished a few different ways. Learn how to get your guitar strings to stop buzzing with help from a guitar expert in this free video clip.

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Hi, this is Wesley Winford, and today I'll be showing you how to get your strings to stop buzzing. The first thing to start off with is make sure that you're not, when you're playing that you're not just really pressing the strings super hard and, because that causes a lot of, that could cause string buzz on your guitar. So, watch out if you're, don't press down too hard, that also could cause your guitar to get slightly out of tune if you play too, so watch out for that. But also you could have, watch your frets on your guitar. You might, depending on how old your guitar is, it might have a little fret damage on it. What I mean by that is the little metal things right here could be like a little dented or something, and your string could be getting inside of that, so watch out for that. I mean, like I said, if you have an older guitar and it's just buzzing a lot, you might have to consider getting it refretted, or also you can kind of shave it down yourself to make sure that all the little metal frets here are kind of even, because that is another thing that happens too when frets buzz. Another thing you could do is look at the bridge of your guitar. Check out the saddles on it. See where they're placed or see how high or low they are. You might have to adjust the height of them according to how your guitar looks. You could look down the neck of it and see and press down that string and try to locate where it's actually hitting, and it could be closer this way or that way and just, you can adjust the height of these saddles here with an Allen Wrench. And this has been how to get my guitar strings to stop buzzing.


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