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Being the lead guitar in a band means you are the one generating the melody, hence the importance of proper playing. Lead your band to victory with help from a professional electric guitar instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Wesley Winford, and today I'll be showing you a lead guitar tutorial. Some tips for playing lead like, say, say you are in a band with, you have a rhythm guitar player providing you some low chords like that. Then another option for you to do is kind of to play along those same chords but play them like say higher. Higher versions of that chord. So for example lets do like a G chord. I could play like a little triad G right there. So If I'm, if you have a rhythm guy going. And you have a little G triad there or you could you know do it a different spot like that. Say you are at a big kind of a more intense moment like a chorus or something and you are going from like a G to a C to a E minor like... Then you could do like a.. Something like that would work. So it kind of sounds like a big sounds more full cause you are having that low range and high range too. Let me do a demonstration of like, like a C, C to a G, to a F. You could go.. Those are some cool little triads stuff doing whenever you're thinking of lead. Alright I'm going to be going through some little lead lines stuff, little triads stuff with some, some little melodies thrown in there. I'm going to be going from a B to a F sharp to a G sharp, to a E. Alright here we go. Okay, so for the, for the first chord B I did this little shape here. And then for the F sharp I just pulled off right there, pulled off my middle finger. And then for the G sharp minor I did that's when I did kind of like a melody here like a.. And then from going to the E I did, right there. And then that kind of finishes off the little lead lines but for the first chords I did for the B and the F sharp I did a little triads stuff. And then just for the last two chords you kind of throw in a little melody. This has been a lead guitar tutorial.


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