How to Play a Guitar in C#

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The key of C# has the distinction of having more sharps than any other key in music notation, hence being a difficult one to play in guitars. Play in the key of C# easily with help from a professional electric guitar instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Welsey Winford, and today I will be showing you how to play in the key of C Sharp. First of all, C Sharp is, the key has the most sharps in it out of any key and it's, there's ways to get around it on guitar. You can just move your chords up one fret like if say you're doing a C, C chord and you want to move it up which you'd have to, you have to compensate for the open notes too. Or if you're doing like a power chord, just move it up or any other leads, you know, just pretty much one fret is all you're doing. But if you want to do more open sounding chords, another option would be using a capo and I will demonstrate the playing in C Sharp on the first fret, capoed, here, playing a C shaped chord but moved up a fret to be in C Sharp. So just playing a regular C chord right there but it's a C Sharp though. It feels like a C chord and that is the option is the first fret and so you can do some C shaped chord and F shaped, G and a Minor Six. So, there you have all your little shapes in the key of, or in the shape of C but in the key of C Sharp and this has been how to play in the key of C Sharp.


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