How to Play Tabs on Guitar

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Tabs on a guitar can be played and pressed to change the note that the guitar plays. Get the basics on tab playing from a professional electric guitar instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Wesley Winford, and today I'll be showing you how to play tabs on guitar. As you see this is a, this is like six strings right here and it's kind of like looking at the, at a guitar fret board. But, it's kind of looking at it upside down, maybe like this is the top, the low E string and then, and then this is the high E string. And so that's how you look at it. And, when you're doing frets, how to tell what fret, it is like, if I put a one a right here, that means on the first fret of the guitar. And then, you know, and so on, it goes to, you know, one or two or, or if you see you know, say you see something like that, that means one, that means first fret and then, hit the first fret again. But if you see like an, another one like that, when you see like that, you know, don't, that's probably eleven. So, don't get confused with the, with the ones like close together. So, let's see, and if you see, you see something like one, say, two and three. Then, that means you know, first fret on the E string and then, and then you play them in order. So it goes, you know, first fret, then second fret A string and third fret D string. But if you ever see, if you ever see them in a line like, you know like this, like first fret; what else can go to first fret, for example, you know that means play those at the same time together and more like a chord. Like if you see, still like a D chord, so it, second fret; so that would be, that would be a D chord on tabs right there. That means you strum it once. And now if you see, if you see these like constantly different chords or whatever on the same one, that means you know, strum it more than once. Okay. So, that's how you do that. And then, let's do like I say, let's do a three; let's pretend that we're going from two to three right here. But, we're doing like a hammer on and how you look at that is like that. That little loop means to hammer from the two to the second fret to the third fret and or if it's the other way. If it's, if it's the third fret to second fret, that's like a pull off. So, you pull off the third fret going to the second fret. And or also if you have a, the, like a little slash mark between that, that means slide and it can mean slide up or down depending on what the next fret is. And that was how play tabs on guitar.


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