How to Eliminate a String on a Buzzing Guitar

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Buzzing of any kind on a guitar can ruin a song, but some strings are setup to cause it. Repair strings to sound better with help from a professional electric guitar instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Wesley Winford, and today I'll be showing you how to eliminate a string on a buzzing guitar. If you're playing a certain note like that, like my guitar is kind of buzzing right there, if you start to hear a buzz, make sure, look at your hand and see where your or your finger and see where you're actually hitting the note because if you're hitting it like right on the fret or close to it, you might want to try to slide it down some and see if that helps out the problem or you might, you might kind of slightly be bending the string or pressing it too hard could also cause some fret buzz. Or if you're playing a song and you're on stage or something and you just, and it really gets on your nerves a good way to kind of eliminate that is kind of, kind of bending the note a little bit and kind of moving it. So it kind of just goes away if you do that. That's another tip on getting the buzz away. Usually the bottom strings are not going to buzz as much because, because the top ones are wound differently. The strings are wound in a way that would make them buzz. Alright another way to eliminate some fret buzz is for example if you're playing like a power chord like that and you're say like the middle string is buzzing, you could just kind of mute that string or just kind of take it off, or say another string was buzzing, you can just kind of mute it the best way you can if you're trying to get away with it on the fly, trying to get rid of that buzz. Just kind of find out which string it is and kind of just mute it or just take your finger off, whatever works for you and that has been how to eliminate buzz on your guitar.


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