How to Tune an Electric Guitar With a Digital Tuner

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Digital tuners provide a quick way to tune a guitar without a musical instrument. Configure and tune your guitar with help from a professional electric guitar instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Wesley Winford, and today we'll be going over how to tune your guitar using a tuner. When you're tuning your guitar you want to start off with the first string which is the E string and I'm using a just standard Boss Chromatic Tuner and so you hit the note and see the little red dot behind it means that it's flat so you want to tune your, that note up slightly until you don't see any of those red dots until it gets right on the green or those two little yellow arrows are displayed. So I've got the E string in tune and now let's go to the A string. So basically you just do that for all the strings. So when you're tuning a basic rule of when you're tuning is on your pickup selector, put it on the middle selector which is, which you're trying to get both pickups or a pretty even sound on any guitar. So for like a Les Paul or whatever the switch might be, up or down, just any guitar, just put it right in the middle when you're tuning. Also when you're tuning, make sure all your volume pods are wide open or turned up all the way or just the volume or if you have a volume pedal, there is different ways to do it depending on how you have your tuner set up through your volume pedal, but I generally, if you're tuning make sure that your volume on your guitar is all the way up. And another, like if you're having problems trying to get the note to register on your tuner, a good way to get it to come up is hit harmonics here on the twelfth fret. So like if you're hitting the D string and it won't show up, then try hitting it right there. Another tip for tuning is if you're playing more like high stuff like around, you know twelfth fret or so, I would recommend tuning just the bottom strings by using harmonics because if you notice that you hit a note open like that and you hit a harmonic it might be a little bit different. You might have to go a little bit up or down. So that if you play a lot of higher stuff, try using the harmonics for these bottom strings here. This has been how to tune your guitar with a tuner.


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