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If hard rock is in your future, you need to learn about the distortion pedals for your guitar. Rig up a screeching rock with help from a professional electric guitar instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Wesley Winford, and today I'll be showing you hard rock effects pedals. I've got three different drives right here and right now I'm showing you the OCD because this can get pretty gainy sometimes. So how to use it, how to use the most of your pedals to get like a pretty hard rock sound, there's a couple things you can do. You can first use just a single pedal and just like first adjust the volume at a good level. Since we're doing hard much, pretty much your gain, you probably want to crank your gain up a lot. If you want to use just, just one pedal and so you get pretty distorted tone like that and also you can adjust your tone on your pedals, whichever kind of pedals you have. Pretty much the general thing is if you're going for a hard rock tone is crank in the drive and setting the drive and the volume on your pedal and another way to, if you're wanting some more gain and you're not quite getting it from another pedal, another thing to do is mix drives together and how you can do that is all you do is you, first you stomp on both of them and see, that, I kind of had a volume difference right there and what you want to do is adjust the volume on both of them. Maybe not so overpowering on one, try to get them pretty even like that and so we have the tone of one pedal and then we have this one added in for some more gain and generally when you're starting to turn the gain up you have to watch your level to because the, in a way the drive or the gain is kind of like a level too so you're going to have to adjust that. So that's pretty, that's pretty heavy right there as it gets. The main thing is if you're mixing drives, get the levels set and the gains set, you just have those coordinating and, but if you're going for one, if you're using one pedal to drive your amp then you're probably, the volume difference, the volume is probably going to be a little different. You might want to crank it up a little more or so. And so you see how that works? And that's pretty much it. And this has been hard rock guitar effects.


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