Easy Rock Bass Guitar Scales

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When learning rock bass guitar scales, be sure to start with a G and move up seven tones from there. Repeat the scale several times with advice from a musician in this free video on easy rock bass guitar scales.

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Video Transcript

Howdy, I'm Trevor Marty, and welcome to my home recording studio. I've been playing music and recording music for about 25 years now. And, we're going to talk to you today about easy bass rock scales. So, what I'm going to show you is, I'm going to show you the G scale, alright? And, so that's an octave - there's seven tones in a scale, alright? So, there's the do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do, right? So, we go. Alright, now, this note here is G, and this note is G. So, that's kind of, that's the octave, it's kind of, that's the square, the octave square. So, that's considered, even though you see me doing eight things, there's only seven, because that octave part doesn't count there, so. There's G, A, B, C, G. It goes like that. And then, go back the other way. And, just keep doing that, keep doing it. So, thanks for coming into my studio. I'm Trevor Marty, and you've just been learning about easy rock bass scales.


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