How Do Guitar Foot Pedals Work

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A foot pedal controls how much sound goes into an amp and the sound of the guitar with band graphic equalizers. Experiment with the foot pedal to produce a unique sound with advice from a musician in this free video on guitar basics.

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Video Transcript

Howdy, I'm Trevor Marty. I'd like to welcome you to my home recording studio today. And today, I'm going to talk to you about foot pedals. This here is a foot pedal. This is my foot pedal. It's a great pedal, it's an EQ pedal, I've had it for a lot of shows. It's a trooper. Okay, so this is the input, alright? This is going from your guitar into the little pedal. This is the output, and this will go to your amplifier. And, here is the input gain, and the output level. So, in this particular one, what I can do is I can adjust how much strength is going into it, and how much is going out. And therefore, I can turn one up more than the other, and create distortion or whatever. These are the seven band graphic equalizers. So, there's the low end, and there's the high end, and everything in the middle. And, I can adjust accordingly. So, if I'm getting a little feedback, say, in the middle part section, I can just kick it out, and it's gone, and that section is gone. Or, if I want to have more of the middle, or in the high, there we go. I'm going to play more it like country twangy stuff, maybe I might adjust it so that's a little higher than the bass section, you know? The buttons here, there's a pre-shape button, which is all about the shaping of the waveform. And then, the graphic button, which turns this on and off. So, and then this turns that on and off altogether, so now it's not going at all. Put it on, and play, and have some fun. It's going to take a while to adjust th thing, whatever, I don't know what pedal you're going to try. But, it's going to take a while to adjust. You're not going to just buy a pedal and go play a show. I wouldn't, anyway. I'm Trevor Marty, I'd like to thank you for coming into my studio today and learning about foot pedals.


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