How to Play a Baby Grand Piano

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Baby grand pianos can be played similarly to their larger brethren, save for a few mechanics. Get the differences between a baby grand and true grand from a professional pianist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Kirk Wilson. I live in the Los Angeles, California area, and I perform live, as well as sessions in Hollywood and Burbank. I also teach piano at Orchepia School of Music. Today, I'm going to show you how to play the baby grand piano. There are some distinctive differences in models and styles and types of pianos. The baby grand piano has basically the soft pedal is similar to that of a grand piano whereas the, when you press the soft pedal, the entire keyboard slides over. As you can see the key is moving and this is the reason that we use the soft pedal whenever you need to play softer but it also changes the tone. And in that case what happens is when you, when you shift the keyboard over the hammer only plays two strings instead of three. So that's soft. This is without the soft pedal, soft pedal. The soft pedal is the pedal to the left and pressing this pedal causes the piano to drop considerably in volume as well as changing to a softer tamper. And another difference as far as the baby grand piano is the sostenuto pedal. That's the pedal in the middle. Now, when you press that pedal, you can sustain a lower note like a low C for example, and then release the sustained pedal but hold down the sostenuto pedal and now you have staccato up here. Or you can use the sustained pedal with the sostenuto pedal at the same time. And my name is Kirk Wilson, and that is how you play the baby grand piano.


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