How to Play a Minuet on the Piano

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Comprised of two voices, a minuet is typically played on the piano, with each hand handling one or two voices at a time. Play minuets with ease with help from a professional pianist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Kirk Wilson. I live in Los Angeles, California, and I play in and around that area, and also teach at Orchepia School of Music, the piano, and today I'm going to show you how to play a minuet on the piano. First of all, a minuet is basically comprised of two voices and of course, each hand has a voice but sometimes you can play two parts on one hand. It just depends on the piece that you're playing. Today in this piece I'm going to show you one hand has one part which is the low part which is... and then your right hand has the main melody and basically you play them together, but what's key about playing a minuet is that you must play proficiently as far as with the rhythm, accurate rhythm and so you must count one and two. And of course, there are some rests there, so, left hand plays... and you have to play them perfectly in sync rhythmically. And whenever you play that together. So whenever you play that rhythmically, precisely and then you have a properly played minuet because not only do you have the right notes but you also have the correct... One example is that many minuets have the same rhythm in the right hand and the left hand. What you have to do is maintain that rhythm. Many of the rhythms are straight eighth notes and all the rhythms are almost the same thing. So in this one we have eighth notes in the right hand, okay and the left hand, see. So we put them together and you get... So whenever you play a minuet you must make sure that your rhythm is accurate and both hands are played perfectly in sync rhythmically as well as playing the right notes. It's one thing to play the right note but when you play a minuet, make sure your rhythm is right on target and above all when you practice, practice well, not too fast and just go after accuracy. And my name is Kirk Wilson and that is how you play a minuet on the piano.


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