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Singing and playing a piano require two very different skill sets, which may be a bit difficult to master together. Blend your voice and your piano power with help from a professional pianist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Kirk Wilson. I live in Los Angeles and I perform live as well as in studios in Burbank and Hollywood. I also teach the piano at Orchepia School of Music and today, I am going to show you how to sing and play the piano. First thing when you say how to sing is like you have to maintain your posture and everything that is required to properly sing at the piano. Most people who play the piano that uses bad posture will tend to slouch over at the piano and look down and watch their hands like this. And that is really the improper way to play the piano. But, if you must sit like that, then, it's really really really extremely hard to sing because your sound is going straight into the piano. And even if you have the microphone right here, if you're using a microphone, then, what will happen is you, the sound is going straight into the mic; you got to put your microphone like way down here. Okay? So, make sure you sit straight and when you sing and play at the piano, you sit straight and of course, practice the song so that you can play it without staring at your fingers. It's okay to go hunch down at your hands; but, when you play and sing at the piano, sit straight, keep a straight posture and here's an example. "Love have played these games on me so long. I started to believe I never find anyone. Now it try to convince me to give in, said you can win. But one day the sun began to shine on through. The rain has stopped and the skies were blue. And over the revelation to see someone was saying I love you to me. A world in a million." So, what I wanted you to see is that I played the piano, I had good posture; I not, did not stare at my hands. I look down as a quick reference and I took a quick peek, but I sit straight and I hold my head high and I sing with the right posture and technique. And my name is Kirk Wilson and that is how you sing and play the piano. "A one in a million, chance of a lifetime. And life shows compassion and seen to me a stroke of love called you. A one in a million you. A one in a million you."


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