How to Change a Shutoff Valve

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Changing the shutoff valve is something that you'll have to know how to do for either the toilet or sink in your home. Change a faulty shutoff valve with help from a home remodeling expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chris Palmer. Today we are going to learn how to change a shutoff valve for your sink or toilet. To change a shutoff valve, you are going to need to turn off the main water supply for your house. After you do that, go ahead and open a water faucet preferably at the lowest point in the plumbing line. That will allow all the water to drain out of the pipes and make this process a lot neater, less dripping. What we have here is a shutoff valve that I bought at my home improvement center. This is a half inch connection to a three eighths out. And this is a quarter turn valve which I think is far superior to a multi turn. There's a ball valve inside here instead of the needle valve that's typical with a multi turn valve. One turn and that's off. A lot more reliable, a lot easier to use. I recommend it. So, once your water is turned off, you are going to be dealing with, this is the valve that's, that we are replacing. And this is the hose that connects the valve to the toilet. This is a typical toilet connection. It's a seven eights threaded pipe. You don't need any pipe thread sealant on a plastic connection. And you don't need any pipe thread sealants on this connection here because it's a compression connection and there's a gasket in there that seals the threads for you. You don't need this on there for this situation. Go ahead and take that off. And what we are going to do is thread that directly there. This connection is where we connect to the water coming out of the wall. And we do need sealant on that. Use a little bit of Teflon tape wrapped around the male end of your galvanized pipe. Or a little pipe thread sealant or a pipe dough. So your water is turned off, you reach down and disconnect this part from the existing valve. There might be a little bit of dripage there so have an old towel handy to catch that. Once that's free you can get an adjustable wrench on the valve itself and turn it and it will thread right off of that galvanized nipple. Go ahead and remove it. Reseal the main thread of what's existing coming out of the all. Thread your new valve right on there. I would go finger tight and then try to get one more turn with your pipe wrench. Don't over tighten it. You'll feel it when it's tight enough. Reapply your connection hose and you are all done. I'm Chris Palmer thanks for joining me. That's how you change a shutoff valve.


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