How to Tune an Electric Guitar With an Automatic Tuner

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Automatic tuners help you quickly tune your guitar to the proper key for playing. Calibrate your guitar for accurate play with help from a professional production artist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chay Alexander Wright, guitarist in Los Angeles, California, currently with Corbin Bleu. Today, we're going to talk about how to tune an electric guitar with an automatic tuner. Here I have in my pedal board an automatic tuner, not unlike hand held tuners that you might find as well and what we do is we look, we hit the string that we want to tune. I'm starting with open E, sixth string, low E and right here, there's a dial, a little ball with a dial or inside of a dial and it moves according to where the string tuning is and right now it's a little flat so I'm going to turn the peg, the first peg on the guitar counter clockwise to tighten it a little bit to get that E in perfect, perfect tune and how you tell that it's in perfect tune is there are two arrows, there's a box with two arrows. A lot of tuners will have one arrow and when that ball gets in the center box underneath that arrow the arrow shows up and it's in tune, it's E and now I'll go to the fifth string, open A and do the same thing and it's slightly flat here so I'll turn the peg counter clockwise and the ball shows up with the arrows perfectly in the center and it's perfect in tune. And I'll go all the way down to the third peg, the fourth string, open D. Do the same thing, it's a hair flat and I'm going to turn that peg counter clockwise until I see that ball hit the center with the arrows. Now it's perfectly in tune and I'll move on to the fourth peg, string three, open G and slightly sharp, a little higher wise to get it up and the arrows hit the ball or the balls hit the arrows. It's perfectly in tune. I'll go to the fifth peg, second string, open B. It's flat. I'm going to turn that peg, turn the peg clockwise to loosen it and the ball is perfectly in the center with the arrows and now I'll go to the sixth peg, open E, first string. It's slightly sharp, a little higher, turn the peg counter clockwise and the ball shows up in the center with the arrows as perfectly in tune. Let me also explain when the guitar is flat, when the string is flat, the ball will slow up on the left side of the box of the center. I'm Chay Alexander Wright and that's how to tune an electric guitar with an automatic tuner.


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