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Guitar shredding is a hallmark of rock 'n' roll, especially in heavy and death metals. Learn the basics on shredding with help from a professional production artist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chay Alexander Wright, Guitarist in Los Angeles, California, working with Corbin Bleu, Cristina Milian and Mario. Today, we're going to show you a couple of easy guitar shredding licks. We're going to go right to it, start on the first string E, E and E, a twelfth fret, it's indicated by the double markings here. And this, the open E, so that's the higher octave of that open string. And we're going to put our third finger on the E, second string, fifteenth fret. We'll do what's called N, then up to that E which is the seventeenth fret on the second string and you're going to put the first, first finger, index finger on the E and B, first and second strings, twelfth fret; D, N. You could play that as slow as you want or you could play that as fast as you want and the faster you play it, the more shred it'll be, it'll sound, it'll feel. And of course, I got strings ringing, but, just to show you that you can go; so that's one lick. The other lick into shredding is to do a scale. We're going to try the E minor scale; twelfth fret E. And you can go up as well. And which one of you is you want to practice rolling the, rolling with your right hand or your picking your hand. You practice slow roll 'till fast roll. It's a combination of your wrists, your wrist moving faster and little bit of the arm, depending on how stiff you want the, the roll to be. And then, you can roll all the way up. We'll combine those two, the roll scale with the lick and see if we can get some kind of combination shredding action going. Rolling, slow roll all the way up to fast roll; just practice that. I'm Chay Alexander Wright and this was easy guitar shredding.


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