How to Learn an Electric Guitar Amplifier

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Electric guitar amplifiers boost the power delivered in a guitar, as well as give the ability to adjust sound. Tweak your amplifier to proper settings with help from a professional production artist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chay Alexander Wright, a guitarist in Los Angeles, California. Today, we're going to talk about how to learn an electric guitar amplifier. So these are the, I'm using my pedal board here to show, these are all the knobs you'll find on most guitar amplifiers. And they have EQ, equalizations, bass, mid treble and there's also presence. We'll get to presence in a minute but let's start with the bass and the mid and the treble, so, so you can go with however much bass you want in your tone on the amplifier and you can also do the same thing with the middle. The mids are the mid frequencies. So you can have none which you'll get a sweeter tone and then you can go higher all the way up which will give you a tone that is a little harsher, a little more bite to it and then treble which is a high end of the equalization, you can rock the trebles out. There's no top and then you can put the trebles in, a little cleaner sound. And you'll also find on guitar amplifiers a knob that's called presence and the presence usually gives it a brighter tone. It's not necessary trebly, it just has a little bit more snap to it or a little bit more sheen or glass-like sound or tone to it. That's with the presence all the way up, rock the presence down. It doesn't have so much of a sheeny sound to it or glassy. You'll also find a drive knob on guitar amplifiers and drive usually is distortion. You'll have this knob to either be clean if it's down low or you can crank it up and get, get that distortion drive, that tone out of it. And you can also be really playful and get a clean sound with a little bit of dirt on it and also what you'll find on guitar amplifiers is a reverb. This is it clean, no reverb, reverb which is an echo sound like an echo chamber or whatnot. You can crank it up, get that. So that's pretty much the basics of learning a guitar amplifier. Your EQ, bass, mid, treble, the drive, the presence and then reverb. I'm Chay Alexander Wright and that's learning an electric guitar amplifier.


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