How to Get Good at Electric Guitar

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It takes a great deal of practice to get good at electric guitar, but there are tips to help you learn it. Get good and melt face with help from a professional production artist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chay Alexander Wright, guitarist in Los Angeles, California. Today, we're going to talk about how to get good at electric guitar. The first thing, I think, as the old saying goes to get good, the first thing I think you need to do is just practice, practice, practice, practice and the best thing to practice are scales on the fretboard. You want to get your fingers used to, it's all muscle memory. You want to get your fingers used to touching the guitar, touching the fretboard and getting your pick finger used to coordinating with your playing hand or fingers or whatnot on the fretboard and just practice a major scale. Practice that scale all the way up the fretboard, slow, always start out slow and then practice gradually getting faster. You can do that up and down the fretboard, so, and so on and so on. To do that slow to fast all the way up the fretboard, back down and it just gets your fingers used to touching and the other thing is just practice. If you have licks that you like to do, just practice making those licks. You might start doing something like that even if it's just one note, one string, you might start doing something like that, sounding a bit like. Do that over and over and over again until it's comfortable and it starts sounding musical. That's really how you get good at electric guitar, just practicing things until they really start to feel good and natural and the more natural they feel, the more musical it sounds, the more expressive it is and it sounds like you're really making music and you're really a good guitar player. That's the nuts and bolts of getting good, the scales and just practicing until it gets good and comfortable and musical and experiment, never be afraid to experiment with the instrument and make sounds happen, you know, just try choking a string to see what that sounds like and what that does. Try doing different things with the fret. I'm getting the same choke just by doing something different here, I'm not pressing down so hard on the fretboard. So just practicing, just practicing different things over and over again will get you good at the electric guitar. And I'm Chay Alexander Wright. That's how we get good at the electric guitar.


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