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There's a basic technique to playing on a drum set properly that incorporates all of its separate pieces. Get the basics of drumming down with help from a professional drummer in this free video.

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Video Transcript

The remaining three fingers that looks a little something like this. The same thing, you can see how that technique is in motion when I play the ride if I'm going... So, working with a practice pad or working on a practice pad on your hand technique in general, applies to the drum set. It doesn't change too dramatically when we take our hands from the practice pad to the snare drum to the drum set. Now additionally the drum set obviously involves your feet. So drum set technique also is going to encompass your foot technique and you know I play heel up which basically means that when I make a kick drum stroke I begin on the ball of my foot with my heel up in the air and that stroke comes down through the heavier part of my leg, the thigh and you know, the weight that's there and that's how I generate power when I'm playing the kick drum. If I were playing heel down technique, then all of the power is coming from my knee down to the floor basically. It's those muscles. This is not really getting a lot of activity going on but when you play heel up which I do because often times I play in settings with amplified instruments, amplified guitars, bases so I need to generate power. So I play heel up which activates these muscles as well. Similarly, I typically heel up, heel up is commonly used for kick drum. I play heel up on the hi-hat as well and some hi-hats actually have a toe guard. I've actually removed removed the toe guard from all my hi-hats in order to get my foot all the way up to the top of the pedal to facilitate a nice tight chip sound when I close the hi-hat with my foot like this, right? So that's especially handy when you play for example jazz that's going to require that nice tight chip, where you're going...something like that. And so, yea that's a good sort of starting point. I play heel up on the hi-hat. I play heel up on the kick drum. I do both because it enables me to use the bigger and more powerful muscles in my legs and then in terms of my hands, I apply a technique that's very similar to the way that I play the snare drum. And that's about it. So I am Nate Morton and that is how to have good drum set technique.


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