How to Repair Grout Around the Kitchen Sink

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Grout around the kitchen sink that is in disarray must be repaired to reduce water damage. Keep your sink safe from damage with help from a professional contractor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chris Wade, and I'm a contractor from the city of Los Angeles. Today, I'm going to show you how to repair grout around the kitchen sink. Okay, here we are at our sink and if you notice some of the areas around the sink to the tile we got the old grout. It's faded, it's chipping, it's brittle. It's just, this is a mess. The best way to approach it is to take this tool here which you can get at any hardware store and it's basically just a grout cleaning tool. Or grout removable tool excuse me. You just want to get in there and just remove as much of the loose and brittle stuff as you can. And try not to damage you know obviously the sink or the tile. And just get it out. Clean it up, get all the loose particles out as much as you can. And just you want to start with a clean surface. And what I have done I've already premixed some grout. And you just want to get it in there. Just fill all the little voids as you can. Not to worry about getting it on the sink or the tile. The one thing you definitely want to make sure is sometimes grout to tile will be a pliable surface, kind of rubbery. You just want to make sure you are dealing with grout as opposed to if it's been caulked in with a silicone or a latex caulking. But in this case we are dealing with grout so we are going to use grout on this one. You just want to get it in all the little areas that you feel need to be filled in. Then we are going to take this grout sponge and we are just going to kind of press it in there. You want to get it in all nice and make sure you fill all the areas there. Just keep working it in looking at it making sure it's what you want it to look like. Get it pressed down in there so that it doesn't sink. Then you want to take your sponge wring it out real good and just start wiping. Wiping it out. You don't have to get it all out in one wipe. Rinse your sponge off, come back, rinse. And that's basically how you repair grout around a sink.


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