How to Do Break Dance Revolutions

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Revolutions in break dancing are handstands that spin. Add revolutions to your own moves with tips from an award-winning hip-hop competitor and teacher in this free video on revolutions.

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Video Transcript

I'm B-boy Super King Glasses, and today we're going over how to do revolutions. And to do this, all you need is your dancing shoes. Revolutions involve doing spinning around all one, in a handstand and it's really good for building up shoulder strength and also helps warm you up for your 1990 or 2000. Alright. But, it is important first to make sure that you stretch out and that you already have mastered the hand stand before doing revolutions. So, you first go about going into handstand like this. The way I like to get into my handstand is I like to make sure I'm center first. I usually do that by placing one leg in front of the other; then, making sure my hands are shoulder width apart, little bit wider. Okay. After getting into the handstand, I'll then start to move, I like to do my revolutions clock, clockwise, so I like to move one hand at a time, in little baby steps. "Tada". I'll show you a, I'll do a little bit of revolution first. First, I'd go to my hand. Okay. But, I just did 180 degrees and what I did was taking small steps and making sure so small hand steps, hands ten steps; making sure I was balanced with each one. I was able to stroke it up my shoulders and also maintain my form in doing that. So, after getting down a quarter of a circle or half a circle or maybe even a full circle, you might be then be able to go without making larger hand motion to make bigger, bigger movements with your revolutions. Alright. So, I'm going to do one revolution right now with smaller hand placement and I'll let you see how it looks. Just like this. Okay. And with that, I'm making sure that my balance is right over my head and as I'm up in the air, I like to look down at the ground and take small, small placements, small, small hand steps. Alright. So, this time I'm going to make bigger hand placements, hand steps and I'll let you see how that looks. Just like this. I'm B-boy Super King Glasses and today, we just went over how to do revolutions.


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