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Shuffles, freezes and poses add flair and variety to hip-hop moves. Explore a series of unique moves with advice from an award-winning hip-hop competitor and teacher in this free video on shuffles, freezes and poses.

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Video Transcript

I'm B-boy Super King Glasses and today, we're going to be going over how to do break dance shuffles, freezes and poses. And to do this, all you need is your dancing shoes. Shuffles, freezes and poses, the all involve adding style and making the move look really free. Alright. So, adding a little bit of variability, something extra, uniqueness to your breaking set. So let's start a, a shuffle that I like to show and teach. As, first starting in step number three, opposite sit position; you would go like a, this is a, I like to also call this crab position; crab, crab. This is somewhat like a crab walk forward. And then, this, it looks like this. Alright. And the way that we do that, this shuffle is that we're going to make, we'll first sort of kind of bring our right arm arm up, make a circle with our right leg. Then bring it down, the right arm down. The left arm comes up, I'll make another circle; we're also going forward, we're stepping. Alright. We're switching again, making a circle and then one more time, we're going to switch arms with our right hand going down, making a circle. The trick to this shuffle is that you want to make your transition from weight from one side to the next fluid and smooth so that it looks like you're just carrying in fluid and it's all one motion. Okay. Again, it looks like this. A freeze that I also like to do is called the baby air and it involves putting your elbow where your knees, just like that and then, placing all your weight, you know, all your body's weight on your hand. Alright. So it involves one strife and a balanced, being able to balance all the way on my bike arm. It looks like this. Alright. So, the trick to this is putting your weight a little above your, your wrist and moves to the first knuckle of your thumb and placing your thumb pointing right in front of you. "Haah." "Ahh". That is how you do a freeze that I like to call the baby air. Alright. And a pose that I really enjoy doing is first starting in a feet shoulder width apart position. Alright. I like to jump across my legs, turn around, then cross my arm. Alright; that pose. It goes a little something like this. Spinning, crossing my arms. Alright. This involves jumping and putting my right leg in front of my left. Then, I'm pivoting on both feet as I turn around; my legs are crossed still. Then, I'm going to cross the upper body with my arms. And don't forget, the B-boy face. I'm B-boy Super King Glasses and today, we just went over how to do shuffles, freezes and poses.


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