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The six step is a break-dancing basic that starts like a push-up and ends like a crab walk. Master the six step with detailed instruction from an award-winning hip-hop competitor and teacher in this free video on the six step.

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Video Transcript

I'm B-Boy Super King Glasses, and today, we're going to be going over how to six step. And, to do this, all you'll need is your dancing shoes. The six step is a fundamental move for break dancing, and also extremely important in the footwork. And, it involves, like it says, six steps, and it can be added with many different variations. And, it goes like this. After you're doing the drop in, getting down on the ground, the first position is more like a push up position with the butt raised in the air. It's like this, a raised push up, with the legs spread apart. And, the first step involves both the hands and the feet. Where you would lift, I'm going to be doing my clockwise, so it would be opposite if you're going the other way. Lifting my left hand, and placing my right foot where my left hand was is step number one, okay? So, I'm in the original position, this is step one. Step one, right there. Step number two involves taking my left leg, and placing it closer to my body, alright? So, like under my knee, bring that right under my knee. The third step involves me placing my left hand on the ground, and bringing my right leg in front of me, and also moving my right arm back, so that I'm in a crab position. Alright, so, this is where you would end up after step two, and step three would involve getting in this position, with your arms and legs, they're similarly spread apart, alright? Going from right here to right here, step number three. Step number four involves straightening out your left leg, and bringing your right arm up in the air. Alright, so this is step number three, step four. Step five involves me taking my right leg, and bringing it back. So, this is at the end of step four, you'd be in this position. And, step five, stepping my leg back, very important. And, I'm also bringing my hips up in the air. I'm making room from step four to step five, so that in step six, I can bring my leg through, my left leg through, which is straight. My left leg, coming through to step six, and look at this, up, from right here, step five to step six, I'm back into my original starting position, alright? And, after being here, I would then start all over again. I'm B-Boy Super King Glasses, and today, we just went over how to six step.


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