How to Do a Scorpion (Dance/Gymnastics Move)

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A scorpion is a hip-hop move that involves standing on your head then bending your knees so your feet point to the floor. Master the scorpion with tips from an award-winning hip-hop competitor and teacher in this free video on doing the scorpion.

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Video Transcript

I'm B-boy Super King Glasses, and today we're going to be going over how to do the scorpion. And to do this, all you need is your dancing shoes. Scorpion is a freeze that involves a, a headstand position with your legs that are draped over your body. And it looks similar to a scorpion. It is important that you've already mastered the headstand before attempting to try the scorpion. It will help you out a lot and the headstand will help you with your neck and shoulder flexibility and strength which will help you with the scorpion. Okay. So, before we do this, we want to make sure that our neck is loose and stretch out and I like to do that by rolling my neck one way and then the other. Okay. So, when I practice the scorpion, I first want to go into my headstand and practice my headstand. So, like this; look down and go to our headstand. With the headstand and the scorpion, it might help if you have something on your head similar to a hat or a beanie or helmet which will, will make it so you're not as impacted by the, by the ground. Okay? Alright. Next, after the headstand, what I'm going to do is I'm going to put both of my hands behind my head and my elbows and the, my forearms are only going to be in contact with the ground. It looks like this. Okay. And I do that one arm at a time. Alright, go up one way and then the next at first, just to make sure I have the balance in. And once I have that balance, what I'm going to do is I'm going to scissor my legs. Okay. Next thing I like to do is after scissoring the legs, I like to bring both legs forward; so, it looks like a scorpion, they're arch over my back and, and hold that for as long as possible. Okay. Yeah, and variations that you could use for the scorpion are that, to get out of it, you can kick forward and go into a back arch, tight position and it looks like this. I'm B-boy Super King Glasses, and today we just went over how to do scorpion.


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