How to Reduce Bass Guitar String Noise

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Bass guitar string noise occurs when a bass is not properly adjusted. Reduce the strong noise on your bass with the help of a professional musician in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Raven T. Mitchell expert with Dean Guitars. In this clip, we're going to try to reduce some noise in our bass guitar. Now, looking at our bass guitar here, our string is very, very close to the fretboard, and we have two problems with this particular setup. The neck has what's called a back bow, and that the neck is pulled back too far, and we're going to need to adjust the truss rod. Also, we're going to do an adjustment down here at the bridge, the saddle. The saddle is also adjusted too low, getting the string on the fretboard 'causing excessive string noise, which is not what we want, and is not proper for playing. The first thing we're going to do is we're going to take our truss rod wrench, a proper 4 millimeter wrench. We're going to locate the truss rod cavity, which happens to be at the end of the guitar, rather than at the headstock of the guitar. Your basic guitar may have a truss rod adjustment up here. Ours is down here at this end. We're going to insert the truss rod wrench in here, and we're going to turn it towards us. This is going to take some of the action and loosen the truss rod up out of that neck. We're going to do a couple quarter turns. You may need to take the basic guitar and look down the neck, see how straight the neck is. You press at the first fret. I like to press down here at the fourteenth fret and then press in the middle of the neck with your finger like this, and you can see I've finally got some relief in the neck so that there is space when I hold the string down, there's a little space there on the string, and it's not sitting right on the frets. Next, I'm going to take the proper wrench, which is a smaller Allen wrench, and there's two poles here on each side of the saddle for this string, put it in the holes and tighten them down. That's raising up the string a little bit more, give him a couple turns, taking a look at your action. Now, we're getting some good clearance. Now, we're going to be able to take this bass and not have any string buzz, and that's the proper way to adjust and get the noise out of your bass guitar. This is Raven T. Mitchell, expert with Dean guitars.


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