Guitar Finger Strengthening Exercises

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Strengthening your fingers helps to improve your dexterity when playing guitar. Perform some strengthening exercises with the help of a professional musician in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Raven T. Mitchell, Expert in Dean Guitars, and in this clip we're going to do some guitar finger exercises that's going to strengthen your fingers and give you more dexterity. One exercise that I like to do, and a lot of guitar players that I know do this exercise, that uses every finger and it's called the chromatic scale. We're going to do that across all the strings. Also, we're going to incorporate with our right hand; our picking style is called alternate picking where were everything is a down up, down up pattern. It's very quick and very efficient; it's a good way to get yourself started and warmed up, get your fingers going. This is the basic form of the scale here and I'll do it for you slow. Now, if you see, I'm playing a seven-string guitar; you may have a six-string guitar. But, the scale is still the same played on all six string as using all of your fingers and also doing the alternate picking, up, down, up, down. I'll play it again for you, a little faster and I'm going to move some positions and you see what you can do with this scale. Okay, try to continue with it, but, keep it going, keep yourself warmed up and get your fingers good and going. And get the idea. Perform this all the way up and down in that as much as you can. If your hands start to cramp, just stop. Give yourself a rest, shake your fingers out and go out at it again. Do this for about 15 to 20 minutes and you'll be ready to go. And that's really good for single notes. Let's say you play a lot of chords and you're a rhythm guitar player. Something that I like to do again, it's going to incorporate all your fingers is doing some bar chords. I'm going to hold down a, what's called a line or chord and then, jump it over into the major and continue that chromatically all the way down. And that is going to look something like this. That's going to get your fingers all moving on this hand, all holding down on the gar, guitar chords, getting your fingers stronger and more strengthen. Use some good exercises and they're going to strengthen your hands and make you, get you become to be a better guitar player. This is Raven T. Mitchell, Expert in Dean Guitars.


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