How to Clean Electric Guitars

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After a hard session of playing, electric guitars build up a layer of sweat, dust and dirt. Clean your electric guitar with the help of a professional musician in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Raven T. Mitchell, Expert with Dean Guitars. And in this clip, we're going to show you how to clean your electric guitar. Now, here on our electric guitar, we've been playing hard, sweat it all over; it got our greasy fingerprints all over it. We need to take the guitar and use a good recommended guitar cleaner. This one happens to be made by Fender. I would not recommend using any kind of other solvents such as 409 or anything with ammonia in it; hence, these are not good for the guitar finish. You should use a cleaner that is made to clean a musical instrument. We're going to take this and spray liberally on the guitar, not too much; don't get too crazy. We're going to take up some regular paper towels, some soft clean paper towels and we're going to clean this, wipe it off gently. We're going to get the bridge, we're going to get the entire body of the guitar and take the grime and the cleaner off of the instrument. A lot of guys are real sweaty and get a lot of sweat on the instrument. It's very important to keep your instrument clean, to keep the finish and the electronics working in top order, keep your hardware from rusting and your pickups from getting dumbed up and greasy. After we've removed all of the polish, we use a guitar cloth and a, a cloth that's been made specifically for cleaning muse, musical instruments. It's very soft and don't put it around anything that has any kind of dirt or steel wool or anything that's going to get into the finish and scratch the finish of the guitar. So, then, again, we're going to wipe this down; this is going to also give it a nice sheen and polish after we've cleaned it and removed all of the grime and fingerprints and sweat off of the instrument. We can do the same thing, flip it over and do it on the back of the guitar; repeating, spraying with the spray, clean paper towel, wiping the entire back. You see the cleaner, an approved cleaner is going to dry very quickly and not stay on the guitar. Then, take your clean cloth again and wipe your instrument down. And that's how you clean your electric guitar. This is Raven T. Mitchell, Expert with Dean Guitars.


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