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Belly dancing is a fun and sexy dance that also helps you lose weight. Get started with belly dancing with help from a professional belly dancer in this free video.

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Hi, my name is Linda, and I'm here today at Essy's Rug Gallery in Franklin, Tennessee to show you a few easy belly dancing movements. Now, the truth is that real belly dancing all out is a very technical, very difficult skill to learn, and it takes a lot of time, but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy little pieces of it as a beginner dancer, or even just to give it a shot, and then maybe never even attend a class, but at least you know a little bit about it. So, what I'm going to do is give you kind of an outline of a few movements that we use so that you've got something to do with pretty much every major body part that we work with in belly dancing. We're going to start out with some of the fundamental stuff. In this case, we're going to start out with some hip bumps. So starting with your knees bent, you're going to keep your heels on the ground, okay, and you want to make sure that you've got plenty of space in your lower back so I think you're pulling in on your belly a little bit and get those hips nice straight up and down. What we're going to do is even though the feet are close together, I'm going to push the hips out from underneath of me. Because I started with those knees bent, when I straighten one knee it's not going to make the whole body jostle, I'm just going to isolate it a little bit. So, you want to think of bumping side to side to side making most of that power come from the knees and maybe a little bit of that control coming from the hips. Now, I like to teach this movement in its easiest form. Imagine that you have your arms full of grocery bags and you're barely even getting your key to get into the house and then you notice that your car door is still open and you really need to close it. So, what do you do, you uh, bump the car door closed yeah? So, if you're ever not really sure if you're doing your hip bump right, just think about closing that car door, close it on the other side, bump, bump, bump and that's your easiest way of learning how to do hip bumps. Now, we're going to work on some shoulder shimmies. Shoulder shimmies again like any belly dance movement do take a little bit of practice to get just right but you can go ahead and get started on the movement and have a lot of fun anyway. You're going to start with your upper body in nice posture and preferably with the lower body already in your belly dance stance, knees a little bit bent and your hips in a little bit in the front. You're going to start out with one shoulder going forward a little bit and the other one pulling back just a little bit. Make it a really small movement and then switch them, switch, switch, switch, switch. Now, I want you to think of loosening those shoulders, loosen the shoulder up, don't think hit, hit, hit, hit and try to keep the hands relaxed. If you're going to do a nice loose movement in the shoulders, then you'll get a nice controlled shimmy. The more you work on it, the more tight and forceful your movement is going to look. What you want to go for is a nice relaxed fun motion in the shoulders. So from the side, shoulder shimmies look like this and yes, guys do this movement too. It's even a part of folkloric dances that are not belly dancing so guys and girls both use shoulder shimmies in their dances all the time and this is your basic way of doing shoulder shimmies. So now we're going to talk about a few moves that look a little bit mysterious to the non-belly dancer but are actually pretty easy to learn. So shh, don't tell anybody, okay? We're going to start out with head slides. This movement should look like your head is sliding across a table. Okay, the trick here is actually what not to do. You want to make sure that you're not tilting your head from one side to the other this way and that you're not turning your head no. Think about keeping your nose pointing straight forward all the time and just sliding it on a glass, a pane of glass right in front of you. So, you're just sliding side to side. A couple of easy ways to think about this is like you're hearing some conversation over here to the side and you want to eaves drop, so you don't turn your head and look you just kind of slide the head over a little bit, getting your ear closer and then eaves drop to this side and after a while you may notice that the shoulders like to tilt with that so just try to eaves drop without those shoulders moving and you've already got your head slide. One last way to learn your head slide would be to start with your arms up. So, you're going to start with them up over your head and actually start with them very very close but not touching the ears, okay and what we're going to do is we're going to touch that ear to the arm, try just touching the ear because if the top of the head touches instead or it touches first and then the ear, then you're not going to get a straight line. So, just think reaching your ear from one side to the other, from one side to the other and eventually you can bring those arms out and do that movement independently. It is a little bit easier though with the arms lifted because it's going to relax these muscles up here in your neck. So, if you're going to relax those muscles a little bit, makes those head slides just that much easier. Have fun with your belly dancing moves. My name is Linda, and my website is Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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