Square Scarf Tying Techniques

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Despite their odd appearance, square scarves can be used for maximum fashion effectiveness. Wear your square scarf the right way with help from a professional fashion expert in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Wendi Braswell. I'm the beauty and style expert. The go-to girl for square scarves. I'm going to show you, today, some techniques to tie square scarves. Believe it or not, people ask me all the time, because they're square. They don't know what to do with them. First of all, you're going to take it, and this is a fairly large square scarf, and you're going to fold it in half. Very simple. We're going to keep it simple for you. Fold it in half, what do you have? A triangle. Then we're going to just take that triangle around the shoulders and tie into a knot. I love this. This is a basic way to wear a square scarf. Very easy. Everyone can tie this. If you're at the office, it really takes your suit or your outfit up a notch. Now, this just happens to be silk which gives you a little bit more luminous look. Now, that's one way to tie a square scarf. Let me show you another way. The second way, you have your triangle. Cool way. We're just going to roll it. Kind of bunch it up like this as you can see. We're going to tie it around her neck. Go ahead and lift your hair up for me. And as you can see it looks thinner. It doesn't look like a square scarf anymore. And you're going to loop it around the neck. Go ahead and tie two knots to make it secure. Again, very chic way, keep it thin. And think of this as a piece of jewelry, okay? That's for your necklace. That's a second technique for tyeing a square scarf. Love it, very simple. You can do this ladies. Third technique, we're going to open this up, we're going to keep it to the side and we're going to make a bow. Everybody knows how to tie your shoes, right? We're going to simply do a bow with your square scarf. Looks great. And you do want to angle it and you keep it all around your face. You're definitely not going to do a necklace with this, it's going to be too much. Just do a, maybe a hoop like she's doing, or a long earring. Three ways to tie a square scarf. I have plenty of tips on my website. You can find me at wendibraswell.com.


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