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The secret to a successful poster design is knowing how to organize your message. Learn how to create an effective poster advertising campaign with the help of a professional graphic designer in this free video.

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Video Transcript

My name is Karl Deutsch. I'm a graphic designer, and this segment is on how to create a good poster. The first thing to determine is, is what format you're going to use, the size and whatnot, whether it's going to be a bleed or non-bleed poster. Today, I'm going to just start with opening a new document, and I'm just going to use a simple letter size poster design. Margins, I'll bring those down just a little bit. And, here under More Options is where you determine your bleed. If you want a bleed, you want to do at least an eighth of an inch bleed, so that's .125, and make sure that's on all four edges. Click Okay, and there you have a simple page. Here is where you drop in any images, any text, any colors, whatever you want to convey or put on your poster, and to design something nice and eye catching, and grabbing. So, what I'm going to do is open something here that's already done. This is for Sunriver Festival of Cars. So, here I've placed several images and text on the page. How you organize them is up to you, but you should definitely keep in mind hierarchy and what the most important thing. So, Sunriver Festival of Cars, the dates, sort of the focus of it, and all the sponsors. And, set all of these images up in layers. This sometimes helps organize things. So, if you want to hide the sponsors temporarily to get behind it and see something else, the dates or whatnot. So, you can hide all of these. And, you can actually set up several different versions of the poster if you want to, and just hide the layers as you need. So, as you can see here, I don't have a full bleed set up with this poster. This is a non-bleed poster, but I have everything contained within here. And, one thing you want to keep in mind with posters that don't bleed is how close to the edge all of the images and text are, because sometimes, when printers print, they shift a little bit, or if the pressman has kind of fallen asleep they may shift, and you don't want it cut off half of where the location is. So, you all just want to keep in mind to keep things sort of withing these parameters, so something important doesn't get cut off by accident in the press, because accidents do happen. And, although they're frustrating, there are ways you can sort of plan ahead to prevent that from happening. My name is Karl Deutsch. I'm a graphic designer, and that segment was on how to create a good poster.


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